There will be many benefits that come with the introduction of our EMR, which will enable us to improve the quality of care we provide and the safety of our patients. Some key benefits include: 

  • When a patient is seen where the EMR is being used, their information will be in one system and easily viewable by all clinicians.
  • Multiple clinicians will be able to access a patient record simultaneously from anywhere across Northern Health including different departments and locations so that we see the same information in ‘near real-time’ to support coordinated and efficient care.
  • Electronic medication prescribing will reduce prescribing errors and increase patient safety.
  • A centralised record will eliminate the need for double documentation which reduces transcription errors and improves patient safety.
  • Clinical decision support will provide timely information, usually at the point of care, to help inform clinical decisions.
  • Reporting data will be pulled from the patient’s clinical chart reducing the need for clinicians to re-document, which improves data quality.
  • Legible and codifiable documentation will support accurate and streamlined coding and billing.