Our training approach

Our EMR training is tailored to your role within your cohort. Staff who will be interacting with the EMR are required to attend training. The team have been working with discipline leaders to develop training plans that are clinically relevant to you.

As we approach Business As Usual (BAU), we will be working with each craft group to determine EMR BAU training requirements. At this stage, other than nursing and medical staff, all other disciplines will be completing eLearning as their EMR training.

More information to come.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for Medical Staff

We are offering Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for medical staff. RPL for doctors will not negate a training requirement for the doctor, however the training will be delivered via an abbreviated online program, rather than face to face.

To maintain safe patient care, an analysis has been made of other hospital EMRs implementations and the following RPL principles have been determined:

  • RPL will only be considered for following training modules:
    • FirstNet (Doctor) – covering ED
    • PowerChart (Doctor) – covering most ward doctors
    • SurgiNet (Doctor) – covering surgical doctors
  • RPL is not considered for students or interns.
  • RPL is not considered for doctors with EMR experience using non-Cerner EMRs in Australia or any EMR vendor overseas.
  • For all RPL applications, the gap between using the relevant EMR module and Northern Health go-live (i.e. September 2023) must be less than 12 months.
  • All doctors awarded RPL must complete the RPL online learning module in myLearning.
  • Consultants applying for RPL may be required to pass a proficiency test depending on their area of work.
  • All junior medical staff applying for RPL will be required to pass a proficiency test.
  • RPL is only available for doctors who have worked in the same Cerner application to their new work area at Northern Health.
  • Managers will be responsible for assessment and approval for RPL for their employees, and managing the completion of the online modules and proficiency test.
  • Doctors who apply for RPL will not receive EMR access unless the online modules and (where required) proficiency is achieved.

Click here to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning

If you have any questions on RPL, please reach out to Dr Sing Tan.

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