Onboarding information for managers and staff

All staff working in an area that uses EMR will need to have EMR access prior to the commencement of duties.   

Training in EMR is compulsory prior to commencing clinical work at Northern Health.  Managers are responsible for ensuring that the staff member completes the required training for their role.  

For Northern Health staff who do not prescribe medications, EMR access requires two processes:   

  • IT access creation (AD account) to produce a login username and password and,  
  • EMR account. The EMR account gives the staff member correct access to the right tools and functionality and the correct title in EMR. 

For Northern Health staff who prescribe medications (midwives, doctors, advanced practice AH): 

  • IT access (AD account),  
  • iPM professional carer account with AHPRA, prescriber, provider numbers and,
  • EMR access with the correct position is required.   

For Northern Health employed staff, EMR access can only occur after the assignment of an employee number.   

For students, honoraries, and agency nurses, an employee number is not required. 

The use of generic IT accounts will not give EMR access. Individual EMR access is required. This is a medico-legal requirement to have the individual’s signature on the patient’s medical record.  

How do I gain access for my new staff member (individual staff recruitment)?

Managers/delegates will use Cherwell for New Employee Account Creation form to request access for IT access (AD account), iPM professional carer account (for prescribers) and EMR access.  

Managers may expect this process could take up to 5 days.

To find the correct form:

1. Find Cherwell on the Northern Health intranet landing page. 

2. Click on ‘Make a Request’.

3. In the search bar, type in the new employee and choose the New Employee Account Creation.

*Note: don’t use the Quick Search field.

4. Once you click on EMR (Electronic Medical Record), fill out the type of access.

The easiest way to avoid completing the EMR role and position is to give an existing staff member who has the same access as your new staff member.

5. If the new employee is a medication prescriber (doctors, midwives, nurse practitioners, advanced practice allied health, podiatrists) iPM professional carer account is required.

Please note that provider numbers are required for ordering pathology and radiology tests, and prescriber numbers are required for ordering medication. In the absence of those numbers, the clinician will not be able to order tests or prescribe medications under their name. While not all numbers are not always known at the time of account creation, it is important to provide as much information as possible. AHPRA numbers also facilitate account creation, so if known please provide this information as well.  If the clinician has provider, prescriber or AHPRA numbers, please submit them. If not, please see below.

Fill out all mandatory fields on the form and submit.

Prescriber information received after initial Cherwell

It is not uncommon for managers to receive prescriber and provider number information after initial contract documents are received from the doctor/prescriber.

The manager will need to log another Cherwell with the additional provider details.

Onboarding process for different cohort/groups

This includes Mental Health Junior Medical Staff and honoraries.  For agency nurses – see separate section.

  1. Collect required information from employees if they are prescribers
  2. Follow the instructions above as per the employee for EMR access.
  1. Nursing Education fills out Northern Health Nursing Intake spreadsheet.
  2. Nursing Education fills out the Cherwell form for IT access and attaches the spreadsheet – Use the “Modify System Access/Bulk Upload” form in Cherwell to upload the spreadsheet.
  3. IT populate the AD account. If the mobile number is on the spreadsheet, IT can send the account to the new grad’s mobile number.
  4. EMR create accounts.
  5. When new graduates change rotations, they can change their view through MyExperience within the EMR.

Junior Medical Staff are recruited in large groups in February and August, however, there also may be recruitment for their May and November rotations.  This process relates to the large onboarding cohorts.

  1. IT supplies MWU with a bulk account creation spreadsheet.
  2. MWU receives contract information from the junior doctor.
  3. MWU fill out the Cherwell form for IT access and attach the spreadsheet – Use the “Modify System Access/Bulk Upload” form in Cherwell to upload the spreadsheet.
  4. IT creates AD accounts.
  5. MWU input data onto MWU spreadsheet which includes AHPRA numbers, provider and prescriber numbers and reattach to Cherwell ticket.
  6. Health Information Service creates iPM professional carer and fills out MWU spreadsheet with iPM main code and reattachs to Cherwell ticket.
  7. Creation of the iPM professional carer sends a message to EMR and a shell account is created.
  8. EMR use the information from the MWU spreadsheet to complete the EMR account.
  1. The agency recruits nurses and completes onboarding paperwork.
  2. The agency sends nurses the link to NH LMS through guest registration.
  3. The nurse completes training and the certificate is kept on Agency’s personal files and sent to Nursing Workforce Unit (NWU) for verification.
  4. NWU submits a Cherwell IT access form, leaving the employee number blank, and adding Agency Nurse in the Applicant Details – Role details.
  5. Complete Nurse role and title.
  6. AD and EMR accounts are to be created based on Cherwell ticket details.
  7. NWU receives AD account and password reset instructions and sends them to the agency.

All students – except nursing

1. Student coordinator submits Cherwell IT access form. There is the option to do students individually or in a bulk upload.

2. If there are multiple students, use the “Modify System Access/Bulk Upload” form in Cherwell to upload the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet must contain:

First Name Last Name Start Date End Date Student Mobile Number EMR Role EMR Position

3. For individual students, there are two ways:

  • If there is a current student with the same access, add their name in the existing person who has the EMR access you required section.
  • Alternatively, fill out the EMR role and EMR position.

4. AD and EMR accounts created

5. Students receive their user ID and password via text message.

  1. Extract nursing students from the PlaceRight platform, and prepare spreadsheet with information as per all students.
  2. Fill out the Cherwell form for IT access and attach the spreadsheet – Use the “Modify System Access/Bulk Upload” form in Cherwell to upload the spreadsheet.
  3. IT creates AD accounts through bulk upload functionality.
  4. IT adds AD account to the bulk upload spreadsheet and sends it to EMR and Nursing Education.
  5. EMR creates EMR accounts through bulk upload functionality.

Afterhours access

After-hours access – FOR MEDICAL STAFF ONLY

  1. Afterhours Hospital Manager to receive AHPRA number from the medical staff.
  2. IT on-call contacted by Afterhours Hospital Manager – NH IT account and iPM account and professional carer code created. IT must have the AHPRA code to be populated into the professional carer code.
  3. IT on-call notifies after-hours EMR.
  4. EMR on-call creates an EMR position.
  5. EMR on-call notifies the hospital manager about the NH IT account.
  6. Staff member resets the password and can use the account to log into EMR – Clinician will NOT be able to place pathology, radiology or medication orders under their name until the next business day. Clinicians will have to send all their tests and medication orders for cosign to another clinician.



For NH employees, when their termination occurs, the IT account is disabled so the staff member cannot access the EMR. 

All students will have a termination date on their IT account matching their placement dates, which will disable their IT account. 

For all casual staff, agency and honoraries, cost centre managers will need to review their engagement with NH regularly to ensure the continued requirement to access EMR.  A Cherwell form requesting their IT access to be disabled will be required when they are no longer engaged with NH.