About EMR Point of Care Devices (POCD)

With the implementation of EMR, you will start to see new workstation on wheels and supporting peripherals such as scanners being rolled out to support you with real-time clinical documentation.

Some of the devices that you will start seeing:

All patients being admitted to the hospital will have a wristband for positive patient identification. Patients with no known allergies will have a white coloured wristband, while those who have allergies documented will have a red coloured wristband. The new wristband printers enable new patient barcode scanning.

Medical, Nursing, Allied Health and Phlebotomy will all have WOWs to access a computer to use the EMR, and to support the delivery of patient care at the bedside. Depending on your role, WOWs may be fitted with barcode scanners.

When the EMR is live, clinicians will use the barcode scanner to scan patient wristbands for positive patient identification. By scanning the patient’s wristband, clinicians can administer medication based on the drug chart, and complete pathology specimen collection if a pathology order has been placed on the EMR.

If a pathology order has been placed for a patient, you will print the pathology label and place it on a collection tube. The system and the label will specify the colour of the tube and how many samples are required. Once specimen is collected, you will be able to scan the label to indicate the order is completed.

These will be used by Phlebotomists and will have a similar setup as per nursing cart, with additional sharp bins.

A wall-mounted device will be fitted to all Negative Pressure Isolation and Medication rooms where there is limited space.

For Anaesthetists when they are in theatres. They will be mounted on Anaesthetic machines, a larger touch screen (24”) unit similar to those fitted to the WOWs.

A laptop that is expected to connect to NH network via physical cable in case of downtime. This laptop will remain ‘on’ at all times and is not to be used other than a downtime situation.

WOW Troubleshooting

For Nursing or Medical WOWs:

Check battery levels, making sure to change batteries at the start of the shift to fully charged batteries on either side behind the monitor screen.

Turn off then turn on the power switch.

If the WOW is still not working despite the above checks, then Log an ICT Service request on the IT Service Hub Portal Self Service Portal:https://northernhealth.cherwellondemand.com/CherwellPortal

For the Laptop style WOW:

If the laptop is completely shut down or if the laptop has not been charged, you will need to plug the WOW into the wall to turn the laptop back on.

If the WOW is still not working, then Log an ICT Service request on the IT self service portal:https://northernhealth.cherwellondemand.com/CherwellPortal

  • Make sure the battery has greater than 5% charge.
  • Re-enter PIN.
  • If the drawers still do not open:
    • To review the WOW function, log an ICT Service request on the self-service portal: https://northernhealth.cherwellondemand.com/CherwellPortal
    • After ICT advice, during working hours, contact Pharmacy to use the manual override key to unlock the draws.
    • Outside of working hours, a key will be available in the after-hours cupboard with the after-hours manager for manual override.

If it is difficult to raise and lower the work surface, it may require fixing. Log an ICT Service request: https://northernhealth.cherwellondemand.com/CherwellPortal

Device Information

Nursing and Medical Workstation-on-Wheels (WOWs)

Laptop Workstation-on-Wheels (WOWs)

Device Rollout

See below for a high-level overview of the number of devices per area. You will also be able to use existing PCs and laptops available in the ward to access the EMR.

1:4 ratio based on bed numbers. Each nurse will have your own WOW when you are on shift. The WOW will come with medication drawers (except ED, SSU, and ICU).

At least 1 per ward except Mental Health and Theatre. It will be the same set up per nurse without medication drawers.

There will be one Allied Health laptop WOW available per ward.

Total of 35 WOWs across sites. Some numbers of carts will be allocated to Pharmacist during their ward rounds.

Total of 11 WOWs across sites. Some numbers of carts will be allocated to the Pathology Collection team.

There will be one benchtop pathology label printer available per ward. For acute wards, there will be a battery-operated WiFi pathology printer on the nursing WOWs – this was benchmarked with other hospitals in Victoria.

There will be one wristband printer available per ward (except ED – ED will have multiple wristband printers).

Battery chargers will be delivered to those with WOWs and label printers that are battery operated.

Laptops will be delivered to the wards to allow patient documentation to continue in case of planned and unplanned downtime. These are expected to be connected to the network and remain ‘on’ at all times. These are not to be used for any other purposes.