BAU (Business As Usual) Training 

BAU EMR Training session will be available each week on the Monday (Tuesdays where the PH falls on the Monday) and will be held at NCHER Level 3 in Computer Lab 1. Each session will be eLearning based supported by a Digital Health Trainer. Session will run in the morning, 8am to 12pm and are open to ALL Nursing, Midwifery, Doctor and Allied Health staff. 

During the session staff will complete, 

  • EMR Fundamental 
  • Supplemental Course (if applicable)
  • Proficiency Assessment – 20 questions – 80% pass mark. 

Staff will also have the opportunity to practice in Practice Domain, time permitting.

NOTE: Staff working across different areas will need to complete the relevant training for their primary role and supplementals for their specialty areas.  For example, if a nurse works on the ward and in theatre, then they would need to complete EMR Fundamentals and SurgiNet Supplemental course.

Training Registration 

  • Registration for session will continue to be done by the respective managers (or representative) on myLearning using the same process that was used during the pre-go-live training weeks. 
  • Use this link, EMR Supported Training, to register new or returning staff for training. 
  • Register the new staff member into the relevant session closest to their commencement date. 
  • Please note that some sessions have been earmarked for Intern and Grad Nurse program training only.

Post Training

On completion of training and passing the relevant proficiency assessment 

  • Staff will be asked to complete their password synchronisation  (Nurse or Doctor) – needed for when requested to witness medications.
  • Login to the live environment and check login to ensure staff have been allocated to the correct profile. 

New staff to the organisation will need to be taken through any local (ward/department level) workflows that are specific to your area as these will not be included as part of the general EMR Training. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out via