When Northern Health goes live with the EMR in September 2023, the EMR will replace or integrate some existing systems, while some will stay.

See below to familiarise yourself with what systems are staying and what systems will be integrated with the EMR.

What system will be replaced with the EMR?

  • EDIS will be replaced by the EMR emergency module
  • BOS will be replaced by the EMR maternity module
  • ETBS will be replaced by the EMR
  • HealthPower will be partially replaced by the EMR. Referrals will be done in the EMR instead of HealthPower.
  • iPM as PAS integrated with EMR

What system will be integrated with EMR?

System Receiving from the EMR Sending to the EMR
iPMQuick registrations, ED encounters, patient arrival and outpatient appointmentPatient registrations, inpatient encounters, outpatient bookings, surgery bookings and patient arrival
ULTRAPathology ordersPathology results and status
Visage Radiology reports
QFlow Patient arrival
ISCV Cardiology reports
Endobase Endobase reports
Nexus Nexus reports
Resibase Rezibase reports
HealthlinkPatient discharge summaries to GP 
MHRPatient discharge summaries 
DelegateDiet orders and patient food allergies 
CPFPatient allergies and alerts 
Bed PortalBed request 
iPharmacyMedication orders 

Not sure where you can find information such as allergies and alerts once the EMR is live? Click here to find out more.