The Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) are designed to take you step-by-step through different EMR workflow tasks or processes. These important guides will support you to keep your learning fresh so come back whenever you wish to query a workflow in the EMR. These are ‘living’ documents so please check the version you are working from. As the EMR progresses, workflows and QRGs will change and more will be added.

Quick Reference Guide

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6 FirstNet - Customising Quick Orders Emergency, Pathology, Radiology, Change F
8 FirstNet - Compensable Billing Charge, Doctor, Billing, Emergency, Private F
9 FirstNet - Treating Clinician Initial Assessment APP, Documentation, Practitioner, Clinician F
10 FirstNet - SSU Nurse Discharge Documentation Checklist, Home, Instructions, Launchpoint, SSU F
11 FirstNet - ED Pre-Arrival Documentation Ambulance, Expect, Referral, Launchpoint, Emergency F
12 FirstNet - SSU Nursing Admission Assessment, Form, Risk, Launchpoint F
13 FirstNet - How to Remove a Duplicate Nurse Activity Task, Order, Emergency, Launchpoint F
14 FirstNet - Possible Sepsis Alert Assessment, Adult, Paediatric, Sepsis, Launchpoint, Emergency, alert F
15 FirstNet - Patient Summary Report Information, Report, Tracking, Emergency, Launchpoint F
16 FirstNet - ED Admit to Ward/Bed Request Order Admission, Inpatient, Launchpoint, Emergency F