Clinicians participating in EMR Point of Care Devices (POCD) touch and feel sessions

With the introduction of our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in early 2023, we will be purchasing new equipment and devices such as workstations on wheels (WOWs), laptop carts, label and ID band printers and barcode scanners.  As this is a significant procurement exercise it has been important to seek feedback from our staff about usability through “Point of Care Device touch and feel” sessions. 

In these sessions (held over 2 weeks), the EMR team welcomed staff from across the organisation, to NCHER, where they had the opportunity to touch, feel, move and assess the usability of 13 devices from 4 vendors.  Almost 100 staff from nursing, medical, pharmacy and OH&S attended and were most interested in the weight and size of the devices, ability to change the height, ease of cleaning, functionality of the medication drawers and the layout of keypad and mouse. 

Cliff Wiltshire, EMR Training Manager commented that “this was a great opportunity to engage with clinicians in person. There were lots of great questions and interest in the EMR as well as the actual devices”. The scores from staff assessments will inform the procurement process for final selection in March 2022. 

Thomas Ko, EMR Technical Manager expressed his “thanks to the staff who took time from their busy schedule to give their valuable feedback on this important selection process”.

Khalil Kazi, EMR Integration Manager and Quan Tran, EMR Medical Device Analyst providing assistance to participants during the POCD session.

Featured image shows from left to right: Kenneth Wong, EMR Senior Integration Specialist, Thomas Ko, EMR Technical Manager, Mohammad Rahman, EMR Senior Technical Analyst.