Welcome to the EMR: Unit 1, BIPU, BIPU Aged, Operating Theatres and Recovery at Broadmeadows Hospital!

Today, we are going live with the EMR at Unit 1, Acute – BIPU, BIPU Aged, Operating Theatres, and Recovery at Broadmeadows Hospital. We had the first patient transitioned on Unit 1 at 9.21 am.

When asked if there are any go live key learnings, Jamie Duffy, Nurse Unit Manager, Unit 1 said, “As impossible as it may sound, we need to stay calm and relaxed to allow the EMR team and clinical transition team to transition patients to the EMR, and lean on our super users when help is needed.”

Key messages of the day:

  • Bundoora Centre is going well on Day Three of EMR go live.
  • EMR access: If you are experiencing EMR access issue, please ring the EMR help desk or find your green vested super user so they can escalate to the team. We will sort this out ASAP.
  • To get access to the EMR, everyone at Epping needs to have their password synced: If you are a nursing/midwifery/doctor, make sure you perform a password sync before your ward goes live – click on this link and enter your new password. *You will need to be on the Northern Health network or via FollowMe Desktop to action this.
  • Clinician swipe ID: Clinician ID (QR code) is only relevant for the following wards where there is a Welch Allyn integrated spot monitor (has a scanner) for Ward 15, Tower Wards Ward 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, ICU, Oncology Day Medical, and 230 Cooper Street Day Oncology Day Infusion.
  • Patient transition: Make sure you have all your patient information and folders ready for transition. The team needs to be able to hit the ground running for a smooth transition.

Below are some photos of today’s go live: